First visit

When you enter our office for your first visit you are greeted in a friendly manner at the front desk and the process begins. We do our best to inform you in advance of what is about to happen. You take your seat in the waiting room and fill out a confidential report about you and your health. It gives us the information necessary to give you the best care and results possible.

The chiropractor will then enter the waiting room and greet you. You will follow him into the adjusting room where you will talk. He may ask you some questions to collect more information regarding your health and other things that may affect your care. Then you will have the opportunity to add any information you feel may be of importance. Then a simple tests is performed, some easy excercises, to assess the general function of your spine.

X-rays may be taken for even more detailed information, when deemed necessary. You will go into a changing room and put on a gown. The chiropractor will then come and get you for the X-rays. After the taking of the images, you will wait a few minutes in the changing room while the they are being processed and analized.

Then the chiropractor will come and get you, and take you back to the adjusting room where the outcome of the X-rays will be explained to you in detail and you will know much more about the condition of your spine. A plan of action to improve your health will be recommended.

A thermometer will be gently run down your back. It is sensitive to the heat difference brought on by swelling that may be present. If swelling is present it is examined and the motion of spinal joints is evaluated.

 A chiropractic adjustment is usually delivered during the first visit. After evaluation it is known which joints need adjustments and the process begins. In most cases only one joint is adjusted during the first visit. The chriopractor uses a quick, short, thrust that helps restore normal position and motion of the joint and reduces nerve pressure. The adjustment is expected to be painless.

After that you will be informed about your responsibilities in the healing process, do’s and dont’s. You will then get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

You go back to your changing room, get dressed and walk up to the front desk. Our secretary schedules an appointment for you and receives payment.

The second time you come in our secreatary will explain to you the simple process of a regular visit.

The whole process takes about one hour. We welcome all questions.